I love orienteering for the thrill of exploration and the challenge of navigating through unknown terrain using only a map and compass.

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It’s a thrilling adventure that tests my physical endurance, mental acuity and strategic planning skills. I love the sense of freedom and self-reliance that comes with being out in nature, charting my own path and conquering obstacles along the way.

The feeling of accomplishment when I successfully find each checkpoint and complete the course is incredibly rewarding. Orienteering fosters a sense of camaraderie among fellow participants, creating a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure, exploration, and the great outdoors.

Orienteering is similar to business in that is requires careful planning, strategic decision-making and adaptability to navigate through unknown challenges. Both involve taking calculated risks, utilising available resources efficiently and continuously evaluating and adjusting course based on changing circumstances.

Success in business and orienteering requires a combination of skill, determination, and the ability to navigate through uncertainty.



British Orienteering

British Orienteering is the National Governing Body in Britain for Orienteering.

Southern Navigators

The orienteering club for West Surrey, North East Hampshire and South East Berkshire.

Map of UK Orienteering Races

An interactive map of all the forthcoming British orienteering fixtures. Provided by Ollie O’Brien.

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