{pronounced krah-yef-ski}

I was originally born in South Africa, where my parents had migrated to due to a demand for doctors. However, when I was ten years old, my family moved back to Poland where I ultimately earned an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering and Armament Design.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become either an officer or a company director. Unfortunately, I was unable to join the Polish army due to my dual nationality at birth, which resulted in me relocating to the UK in 2007 to begin my work as a Design Engineer.

During my time at an engineering company in London, I was introduced to the world of structural steel, and I instantly fell in love with it. The idea of putting steel beams together to create a structure excited me, and I realized that there was a lot of potential for improvement within the industry.

This led me to start my own business, Steelo Ltd, in 2009. Initially, I began working in a windowless office in Hammersmith, London, before moving to a small garage where Steelo’s first beams were fabricated.

My unwavering desire to continuously enhance our service and reliability has resulted in solid yet stable growth for the company. Our company experienced rapid growth due to the high level of service and quality we provided. As a result, I actively pursued leadership and management development through various international courses. After having introduced numerous innovative solutions, I felt a strong desire for new challenges and ultimately decided to exit the company in 2023.

I share my business knowledge and experience with fellow business owners through a variety of platforms such as seminars, webinars, podcasts, and online training. My objective is to assist businesses in reorganising themselves to ensure continued growth. To remain relevant and valuable to companies, I am constantly expanding my knowledge in different areas of business.

My main passion is business, but outside of work I spend time with my family, regularly take part in orienteering, flying, running, biking, hiking, skiing and other active hobbies. I also enjoy watching rugby and preparing healthy meals.

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