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I'm Michael

Welcome to my personal website, a place where I share my love for business, flying and orienteering.

This website is where I post informative videos and share insight, and I hope you get great value from it.

my passion for


Business is a way of life. It is about dreaming big, working hard and creating something meaningful.

I hope my passion for business is infectious and inspires you to embark on this demanding, yet exhilarating journey!

why i love


Orienteering is similar to business in that it requires careful planning, strategic decision-making and adaptability to navigate through unknown challenges. 

Success in business and orienteering requires a combination of skill, determination and the ability to navigate through uncertainty.

the joy of


My love for planes has been a lifelong passion that continues to inspire and fuel my curiosity to this day. Ever since I was a child, my passion for planes has burned brightly within me.

It’s a passion that pushes me to continually learn, improve my skills and embrace the boundless possibilities of the sky.


About Steelo Ltd

Find out about my structural steel company, how it got started and where it's going

The Steelo Podcast

Watch episodes of our popular podcast on running a business and personal growth

The Standback Course

Discover my business owner's course on how to stand back from your business

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As well as being a successful business owner, I am also a public speaker and business coach to a select few. If you want to learn how to balance running a business, and having a life, speak to me.

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My books on business

I have had the pleasure of writing a few books on business related topics. 

Steel Addicts

It is said that wisdom is the daughter of experience, and as such, I believe it is always more pertinent to speak from a place of knowledge.

In my book ‘Steel Addicts’, I dive into what I know, and that is steel.

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Stand Back

Your business should work without you. In this new book we explore how you should organise your business structure so that you can can take a step back and just let it run without you.

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If you would like to speak to me about any of the topics on this website, or to discuss your business then please drop me an email and I will get back to you.